Color Label Benefits

Color Label Benefits

Why add color to shipping labels?

The effects of color on a personís mood, feelings, and behavior have been well documented. Color images will always resonate with the human mind far better than black and white, simply because we see the world in color. This explains why almost every medium available is offered in color. Once the technology of color photography was available, it didnít take long for the entire advertising industry to transition to full color.

  • 1935- Color Photography was offered to the public through Kodak
  • 1941-1945 LIFEís WWII coverage magazines were the first in the industry to feature color
  • 1966- Color TV was available to the public
  • Now- UPS, Epson, and TSI have created the color marketable shipping label

How can color shipping labels benefit your business?

Promote Your Business

  • Increase repeat business with your logo on every label
  • Increase orders with product advertising on every shipment

Cross Marketing

  • Create an advertisement space for other companies
  • Offer a color label program to your drop ship customers

Cost Effective

  • Drastically reduce the cost of ordering preprinted labels
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How does ink jet media compare to thermal?


  • Poor image quality
  • Easily scratched
  • React poorly to chemicals and heat

Ink Jet

  • Great image quality
  • Ink is significantly more robust
  • Ink is much more durable
  • Ink is BS5609 certified
  • Media is scratch and water resistant


  • less labels used
  • Ink Jet media is easily recycled
  • Ink Jet printing uses significantly less energy than thermal