Worldship Color Graphical Image Guide

WorldShip Version 13 Ctpshop Setup Instructions Graphical Image Quick Start Guide

  • Ensure 100% of shipped packages can have logo/image because every label will have logo (if there is a need to change the image use the “Shipment Label Header instructions”)
  • Setup Epson TM-C3400 contact 855.UPS.CLRS (855-877-2577) for help

To setup the printer and enable the label:

  1. Open WorldShip to the main shipping page
  2. On the Toolsmenu, click System Preference Editor.. Then click the Printing Setup tab
  3. On thePrinting Setup tab, Enter a Printer ID EpsonGraphical and ensure Printer Type is Label
  4. Click the Add button
  5. Under Printer,click the Change Label Printer button and select your Epson printer and click select
  6. Under the cancel button on the Label Printer Setup screen, select box to indicate a Generic Thermal Printer
  7. Click the down arrow in the Extended Area Usage box and select Graphical Image (Company Logo) Click the Apply button
  8. Your new printer should be highlighted on the list, select the Default printer box in the center under the list box and then select theUpdatebutton to set the EpsonGraphical as the default printer
  9. Select OK on the confirmation screen and select OK to exit the System Preference Editor.

To Enable/Change Image for upper portion of label

  1. Open WorldShip to the main shipping page.
  2. On the Tools menu, click Shipper Editor
  3. Click the Modifybutton
  4. Click the Preferences tab
  5. Click the Select Image… button.Find the file you wish to use and click the Select button where the image is located (you may need to change the file type from .pcx to .bmp to see your file).
  6. Click the OKbutton and then close the Shipper Editor screen.